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What happens if you become incapacitated and can’t make responsible decisions?  Who will be making these decisions for you?


The time to decide and to set out the details to your satisfaction is before it becomes an issue.


Taking the time to prepare your healthcare directive while you are able to make the necessary decisions can greatly alleviate the stresses that can happen when difficult situations arise. Preparing your advanced directive is a loving, caring way to ensure your family doesn’t have to make “tough” choices without your consent.


A properly constructed detailed directive includes your “living will,” with specific details whether you want medical personnel to go beyond ordinary comfort care if death appears imminent. You can state whether you want such extreme measures as life support administered, or if you prefer to let nature take its course if your problems are terminal? These are important decisions which you can state specifically in your detailed instructions.


The state of California requires two witnesses to a signing.  The witnesses cannot be your healthcare provider or its employees, the operator of a community care,  or residential care facility or employees of facilities or centers.

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What is an Advanced Healthcare Directive?

This is the legal document that allows you to specifically state how you want your healthcare to go when you are no longer able to give directions for yourself is called an Advanced Healthcare Directive. This document needs to be carefully designed, witnessed and notarized so you or your caretakers won’t have to deal with these difficult questions when the time comes.

Who should have copies of your directive?

Give copies to your doctors, family and friends.

Where do I keep copies the directive?

First, keep the original in a file, being certain that someone you trust is aware of where it is. A copy may be given to the person you named to be the caretaker and to your physician, hospital, HMO or others who might be called upon to execute your desires. Note: A safety deposit box is not best place for your directive unless the person expected to fulfill the terms of the document has access to the safety deposit box.

How often should this be reviewed?

It is advisable to review the document every year or so and especially if you move, marry, change health care providers or make any other significant change to your life.

A Healthcare Directive should be renewed every five years.

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